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Colleen Shana works as cabin crew for an international airline. Her home-away-from-home is North America while actual home is 'Darlington House,' a heritage homestead in rural New Zealand, she shares with childhood sweetheart, Alan. She has two daughter's - Alexandra and Francesca. 

Colleen aspires to have her works published and on the shelf of a bookstore or a library near you!
"Renaldo had been dead two years; Marilyn had been in mourning for a thousand. And Martin, out-of-work actor, a demanding teenage daughter and ex wife to support, had been rehearsing all his life for what would be his most lucrative role."
- from Marilyn's Mink
"So, Rona ‘journeys’ through grief and I just deal with it. I sound bitter, I know I do and I hate myself for it. Although, I wonder: has Rona had to sell her engagement ring to pay the phone bill?"
- from Snakes and Ladders
Femmes du Monde
A Collection of Short Stories
Femmes du Monde is an anthology of short stories by author Colleen Shana. Her collection is inspired by real people and events. Thirty unique stories demonstrating that yes! Truth is stranger -and more interesting - than fiction. Thirty stories of women of the world where the writer will take you behind doors which, up until now, might have been closed. 
Nothing is off limits. From the desperation of addiction to the despair of betrayal, the nightmare of paranoia to the dream of a lottery win, or simply the frustration of parenting a badly behaved child... It may be you will find yourself, suddenly, walking in your own shoes. Or your mother's, your sister's your best friend's... or perhaps your worst enemy's.
Because, of course, you are a Femmes du Monde. Welcome to the club. And more importantly? The journey.
Black Box - The Gift of Betrayal
Book 1 in the Jennifer Langham Trilogy
'Black Box' is a story of betrayal, and more crucially...Karma. On my 47th birthday, out of clear blue sky, the plane carrying my marriage went into dive. Brought down by a coven of witches stirring their cauldrons high society Sydney. What to do next. Let the witches win? Stay in a marriage turned septic, or go in search of a new life? 

In search of the Black Box - the search to find the reason. I chose to walk away from the wreck and go looking. 

I'm Jennifer Langham and Black Box is my story. Maybe it's yours too.
C'est La Vie
A Collection of Long Short Stories
These stories started life as part of the Femmes du Monde collection however the women featured in this 'quartet' had more to say. Basically, I lacked the talent to shut them up. Every time I tried to end the tale, they were on my case demanding the final word. Their passion rendered me powerless. I had to keep writing until everything needing to be said, was said. This was especially so in the case of Writer's Block. Seriously. Have you ever tried to tell a writer to zip it?
 And then there was George - For Poorer, For Richer - he needed to get out of that place. It wasn't right. And what about Aly? Fifty years old and still swooning over a seventies pop idol? It had to be sorted. As for Richard's wife, in Don't Panic? The burgers and upsized fries simply had to go. You see my dilemma. Thank you for your understanding, although being a fellow Femmes du Monde I know you'll understand it is simply a case of
C'est la Vie.
Stories from C'est La Vie  by author Colleen Shana
For Poorer, For Richer
from C'est La Vie
It’s possible this story was written in the same year the person who designed ‘’ was born. Whoever you are, you’ve given millions the most wonderful gift - the chance to find out who they are. To find out from whom and whence they came. Thank you. I can only hope ‘Phil’ and ‘Betty’ lived long enough to go looking…
Don't Panic
from C'est La Vie
I joined a gym for women. An American franchise: turned out, I loved it. What’s more I lost weight and kept it off. But one thing has always bothered me: the Californian poster girl used in their advertising campaigns. The ‘Before’ shot? She was enormous and I knew I had never seen the woman in my life. The ‘After?’ She looked exactly like an American woman who’d recently joined the ranks of Radio Wives. Was it you Kim? I’ve always wondered.
Aunty Iris
from C'est La Vie
When I was forty-eight I got my dream job. An Air Hostess: flying up and down New Zealand serving tea and coffee. One morning we had on board a man who had been world famous in New Zealand. Ray Columbus. I’d known him in a previous life - my childhood. Would I go and say hi? Not bloody likely...
Writer's Block
from C'est La Vie
This story is dedicated to fellow writers. Some time ago I was told by an assessor/agent to put my manuscripts in a bottom drawer. Being a good little girl, I did what I was told. My characters however were not as compliant. The little fuckers insisted on fighting their way out. It took them fifteen years. 
Writers: Don’t give anyone the power to imprison your words. Interestingly the same assessor, still going, uses ‘nascence’ in his sales-pitch website blurb? Point being: I put my creativity on hold, on the advice of a twat. 

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